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ABOUT Giovanni Andreotta is a cinematographer based in Venice (Italy) Has always been passionate about Visual Arts, he start to involve in the movie businnes as camera assistant, and at the same time shooting documentary for the main european channels ( BBC, ZDF, ARTE ) before coming cinematographer.  Telling stories with personal imaging approach and creating atmospheare with light and colour is the main mission.  Very collaborative, he love to work by side at the director since the beginning of the project.    ADDITIONAL INFO Graduated in stage design at Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia Member of AIC (Italian Association of Cinematographers) and IMAGO (European Federation of Cinematographers). English and German basic speaking.


Giovanni Andreotta is a Cinematographer based in the ancient town of Venice (Italy)

He has always been passionate about Visual Arts, History of Painting and Photography. He started involving in the movie businnes as a film second camera assistant and focus puller,  while shooting documentaries for the main European channels ( BBC, ZDF, ARTE ) before he became a cinematographer.

Telling stories with a personal approach to the image and creating atmospheare through light and colour is his main mission.

He's very collaborative and loves working by side of the director in pre production, since the beginning of the project.

He takes on every project with as much energy as humanly possible.





   Graduated in stage design at Academy of Fine Arts of Venice.

   Member of AIC (Italian Association of Cinematographers) and IMAGO (European      Federation of Cinematographers).

   English and German basic speaking. Skier expert.

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